The west wing season 4 episode 16

Sam makes a side trip to newport beach to explain to the congressional campaign manager of the late horton wilde why the campaign has to fold even though wilde is still on the. West wing season 4 20 hours in america ii the pipe bomb duration. In sum, series 4 of the west wing appears to be a season of consequences, leaps forward, and reevaluation. While on a weekend retreat to prepare for the crucial debates, the president martin sheen is confronted with an israeli air attack on qumar that could enflame the mideast while his staff recalls the bartlet administrations first errorprone days in office. The west wing season 3 posse comitatus hallelujah by.

President bartlet, over the strong objections of leo mcgarry, managed to organize a peace summit at camp david between the israelis and the palestinians. Cherry jones plays republican congresswoman barbara layton in the west wing original air date. Top 32 tv series 19892017 a list of 30 titles created 19 may 20. Two cathedrals is the 44th episode and second season finale of the west wing. The fourth season of the american political drama television series the west wing aired in the united states on nbc from september 25, 2002 to may 14, 2003 and consisted of 23 episodes.

But after the events of september 11, that changed for one episode. Mandatory minimums with kathleen york and mayor karen freemanwilson aug 24, 2016. A guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the tv series the west wing. Matthew perry goes on to appear in episode 20 of season 4. On this years big block of cheese day, a college friend of donnas asks sam to help her get her late grandfather, accused of being a communist spy inside the u.

The campaign in full swing, toby, josh and donna are left behind by the motorcade and, through a series of missteps, spend 20 hours getting back to d. The season began shortly after the events that occurred at the end of season 5. The west wing was always careful to avoid actual political issues, happy to exist in its own parallel universe. Watch the west wing season 1 episode 16 online 20 hours in l. The season 3 finale, set to jeff buckleys hallelujah. List of the west wing episodes twenty five is the 88th episode and the season four finale of the american television series the west wing. There are 154 regular season episodes, plus the special episodes isaac and ishmael and documentary special. Meanwhile, the staff deals with a crisis in haiti and questions from congressional democrats regarding the presidents health, following his disclosure that he has multiple sclerosis ms. Hoynes must decide whether he will support bartlets stance or go with his convictions when the senate is deadlocked on an ethanol tax bill. After the difficulties aaron sorkin encountered in writing season 3, he saw season 4 as a return to the form he and the show had previously enjoyed, saying. Bartlet plays hardball to end the genocide in kundu. Previous all episodes 155 next the california 47th poster. The west wing the california 47th tv episode 2003 imdb. After numerous negotiating sessions, a peace agreement was reached, but only if.

The revelation that a russian company may be building a heavy water reactor in iran puts jed in a difficult. All 34 songs featured in the west wing season 4 soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. The second season of the american political drama television series the west wing aired in the united states on nbc from october 4, 2000 to may 16, 2001 and consisted of 22 episodes. The ramifications of the bartlet administrations decision to assassinate qumari defense. Terre plate flat earth the west wing season 2 episode 16. En route to california to campaign for sams rob lowe congressional election challenge, the president martin sheen. Watch the west wing season 4, episode 17 red havens on fire.

The west wing somebodys going to emergency, somebodys. The west wing transcripts search episode dialogue, summaries, and titles of all episodes of the west wing tv show seasons 1 through 6. Buy stickers featuring the more memorable quotes from the show, as well as bartlet for president bumper stickers. While toby is in california working on sams campaign, josh drops abbeys agenda in favor of. Season 6 of american drama series the west wing aired on nbc television network. Bartlet and the senior staff fly to california to attend an important fundraiser. Season 1, episode 2 2003 the west wing separation of powers season 5, episode 7 life on mars season 4, episode 21 privateers season 4, episode 18 2002 game on season 4, episode 6 enemies foreign and domestic season 3, episode 19 dead irish writers season 3, episode 16 2001 on the day before season 3, episode 5. En route to california to support sams troubled campaign for congress, bartlet and his staff debate whether or not to announce a controversial tax plan that might damage sams chances in. Watch the west wing episodes online season 7 2006 tv. Let bartlet be bartlet with under secretary of the army patrick murphy aug 17, 2016. Somebodys going to emergency, somebodys going to jail. The fourth season of the american political drama television series the west wing aired in the united states on nbc from september 25, 2002 to may 14, 2003. Former cast member rob lowe returns as sam seaborn in this episode, which finds bartlet and his staff making the transition as easy. The season progresses in a realistic manner, and although ive been a republican my entire voting life going back to reagans first election against president carter i only hope and pray that the men and women who are actually running my country are doing it with as much intelligence and compassion as the fictional democrats of the west wing.

The second season made frequent use of flashbacks, revealing bartlets campaign for the presidency in the period prior to events covered in the first season. The episode title refers to a mass celebrated in the. Probably because i still marathon the show on netflix every chance i get, but in so many ways. With rob lowe, dule hill, allison janney, joshua malina.

A minor bicycle mishap becomes a minicrisis for his staff, while a remark josh made on tv may get him bounced from his job. Toby falls prey to a practical joke by the rest of the staff, after which everyone but leo takes off for the debate in san diego. The west wing is an american serial political drama television series created by aaron sorkin that was originally broadcast on nbc from september 22, 1999, to may 14, 2006. It takes its title from the twentyfifth amendment to the united states constitution, which deals with the presidential line of succession. From the west wing season 4 episode 18 privateers cj cant keep it in when she meets marion cotesworth haye. Find out when the west wing is on tv, including series 4episode 16. Willis of ohio in which the manner of the 2000 census is being discussed when it had been previously established that they had been in office for two years, or 1998. The west wing transcripts search transcripts, summaries. The west wing s04e18 marion cotesworth haye youtube. And thats just the first of many challenges facing bartlet and his staff.

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