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Haruhi suzumiya haruhis new character songs are less energeticupbeat than i expected. I laughed, snow white, disney characters, fictional characters, cosplay, disney. One of the most famous seiyuu today is aya hirano, also known as the voice. Aya hirano was born on october 8, 1987 in nagoya, japan. In 2006, she rocketed to fame as the voice of haruhi suzumiya, but fans of kiddy grade 2002 would have said, i told you so. Aya hirano is a japanese voice actress and jpop singer who has had roles in several anime, visual novels, and tv commercials in japan. Hirano aya super driver pv hq karaoke japaneseenglish sub duration. This was followed by the release of her first solo album riot girl on july 16, 2008.

She then released her ninth single super driver on july 22, 2009. The inside is colourful and the lyrics are very useful for reading or studying. Hirano aya, from aichi prefecture, is a japanese seiyuu and jpop singer who has had roles in several anime, visual novels, and tv commercials in japan. It also doesnt help that she isnt fond of her fanbaseshe has called otaku disgusting and has other choice words for them. You may be familiar with what an idol is from anime, its somewhat like a popstar but with more focus on a jackofalltrades kind of celebrity status. Scandal seiyuu aya hirano has announced she her next release will be xxx in character, and has also been exposing some intimate pictures of herself on her site. She is an actress, known for death note 2006, dragon ball z.

Aya hirano, hirano aya, born october 8, 1987 in aichi prefecture, japan, is a voice actress seiyu and singer who has had roles in several anime, visual novel series and tv commercials in japan. Aya hirano is best known for voice acting lucy heartfilia from fairy tail, haruhi suzumiya from the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, migi from parasyte the maxim, misa amane from death note, and konata izumi from lucky star. Aya hirano, a jpop singer is believed to be sacked by her company due to an alleged sex scandal. Aya hirano was caught having a romance not an affair, but they treat it like one with one of her band mates iirc, the bassist. Aya hirano was a guest at anime expo 2007, along with other cast members from the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, minori chihara and yuko goto. See more ideas about aya hirano, pretty pictures and women in russia.

She released her first single breakthrough in 2006, and she released her first album riot girl in 2008. Aya hirano is a japanese actress, voice actress, and singer. Probably the best known female rookie voice actor of the 2000s, ayachan was born in 1987. In 2006, she was cast as the voice of haruhi suzumiya, suzumiya haruhi, the main character of the anime series the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya. Harmonia vita is exclusive to this album neophilia is otherwise found just in the single. Her new single toxxxic is set for a february release under the auspices of universal music, and should be followed with a new round. Its because aya hirano was being groomed as an idol in japan. The tale comes by way of that most great conduit for celebrity selfdestruction, twitter. Shes actually voiced by miyuri shimabukuro who previously voiced the titular character in yuragisou no yuunasan. I almost thought aya hirano voiced the chosen heroine as a casting gag not quite. Aya hirano is a famous japanese voice actress and singer, who was born on october 8, 1987. Aya hiranos sex scandal aya hirano, a jpop singer is believed to be sacked by her company due to an alleged sex scandal. This follows after the latest edition of japanese magazine bubka published pictures of the 24yearold jpop star in bed with a band mate. Riot girl is the debut studio album from jpop star and voice actress aya hirano.

Beginning in the entertainment industry as a child actor performing in television commercials, she played her first voice acting role in 2001 in the anime television series angel tales. Participou em diversos animes, muitos deles como personagem principal. Shop for vinyl, cds and more from aya hirano at the discogs marketplace. For the other 2 songs, id recommend getting aya museum as that is an album i value similarly to this one. Super driver, suzumiya haruhi no yuuutsu 2009 op, hirano aya. Aya hirano sex scandal more 2 aug the latest issue of japanese magazine, bubka known for publishing accurate scandals, has published. Ayumu hirano had an incredible run to unseat shaun white from first place during this years halfpipe. She was contracted to space craft produce, a branch of the space craft group, for her voice acting career, and for her singing career, she was signed under lantis. Discover top playlists and videos from your favorite artists on shazam. In 2007, she continues to enjoy great success in her career, landing the role of konata izumi in the anime version of lucky star and launching three separate single albums backtoback monthly at years end. Idols dont have boyfriends, they specifically pander to a typically single male audience. Aya hirano, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words,jpop lyric,megumi hayashibara lyric.

At the time of this article, aya hiranos scandal photoes are well circulating over the internet. For her singing career, she was signed under lantis until may 2011. As far as we know she began her nude modelling carrer in 2012. In 2006, she was cast as the voice of haruhi suzumiya, suzumiya haruhi. Aya hirano, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya new character song vol. Browse aya hirano porn picture gallery by avatar40 to see hottest celebrities, fakes, celebs, rihanna, avril lavigne, jessica alba sex images. As a person born on this date, aya hirano is listed in our database as the 26th most popular celebrity for the day october 8 and the 188th most popular for the year 1987. Aya hirano and has modeled for these premium nude girl sites. I do not own tmohs, its characters, songs, or anything assosiated with it. Song description im surprised by how relatively nonspaztastic this song was considering this is haruhi, after all. Aya hirano celebrity biography, zodiac sign and famous.

A japanese magazine has published a photograph purported to be of a naked aya hirano snogging her latest boyfriend in bed. Hirano aya is a japanese pop singer, anime seiyuu, and actress who. Didnt exactly fall in love with it like i did with bouken. Sources suggest that the reason behind why she was sacked by her label was due to her scandalous affairs with her band mates, following reports from jpop asia website. Day by day unzari da yo ne dakara doudou to kotowacchau kimi ni nari. The same combination of kanji characters read as heiya can mean a plain or a flat land. With her role as layla in nana, misa in death note, and konata in lucky star, she sealed her reputation as a seiyuu with many voices. It contains 7 allnew songs and the aside songs from her first 7 singles with the exception being the bside of unnamed world instead of the aside. Guest home news team changelog download search beatmaps listing featured artists packs rankings performance. It contains songs from her entire noncharacter song discography up until her 2008 single, unnamed world.

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